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Spark Creations

Mathews Jewelers is pleased to offer one of the most elegant and luxurious jewelry brands in the industry: Spark. This brand thrives on modern sophistication and timeless beauty. It’s style is easily recognizable and it has become one of the most sought-after brands thanks to its exemplary quality and handcraftsmanship.

The Story Behind The Brand
Spark Creations began over 35 years ago. It was the creation of founding brothers, Eli Aviram and Beny Aviram. The brothers weren’t content merely to launch this luxury jewelry brand and then sit back and watch from the sidelines. Instead they’ve maintained an extremely active in guaranteeing the quality and direction of the brand. Eli and Beny have personally sourced the finest gemstones from all over the world for Spark Creations, thereby ensuring that each stone is up to their exacting standards.


The Collections

The various collections of a jewelry brand always make up the heart and soul of that brand and Spark Creations is no exception. The brand currently has nine different collections, each with its own unique style and design elements. The Signature Collection features necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in luxurious silvers and golds with designs intricately styled into the silver and the gold appearing as a bundle of elegant strands and cords. The Casablanca collection also features golds and silvers and embodies timeless class and sophistication. The Retro collection features high quality, vivid and bright gemstones set off in silver settings with throwback styles. The Tuxedo collection features blacks and silvers with shimmering embedded diamonds. The Silhouette collection features deep gold pieces with silver and diamond trim. The Deco collection gives an elegant monochromatic silver and diamond in the classic deco style. The Earring Jackets collection features beautiful jewelry jackets that can be added to earrings. The Heritage collection features large, round cut diamonds surrounded by fancy silver. Finally, the Classico collection features bright, large colorful gemstones set in elegant, enduringly-popular styles.

The Attitude

Although the brand features an outstanding and diverse variety there is an overarching attitude that is present in all of the brand’s jewelry. That attitude is exists in the vibrant spark that each piece displays. It is solidified by the one-of-a-kind, handcraftsmanship of each piece. It is further embodied by the timeless beauty and sophistication that each piece represents. The very essence of Spark comes from its uncompromising quality and the spirit of eternal class and elegance that it radiates.

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