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8 Gorgeous Jewelry Trends for 2014

December 20, 2013

The best jewelry doesn’t need a new trend to look beautiful. Instead truly breathtaking jewelry embodies a classic, timeless appeal that continues to stun across the years. That said, jewelry is very much a part of the overall fashion industry – the best part we would argue – and as such jewelry design is naturally impacted by key trendsetters and the overall aesthetics of society. 2014 may have just started but it’s never too early to highlight some popular trends that we see developing in the jewelry industry. Many of these trends are continuations and extensions from 2013, while others are new and generating a lot of buzz on the runways and in fashion magazines. What follows are 8 gorgeous jewelry trends for 2014 and how they are being selected and worn.

Playful Pendants – Pendants are always attention getters and this year it looks like they’re going to pull out all the stops. Far from simple and understated, we’re seeing a variety of very playful, bold pendants. Many of these pendants feature animal charms molded from precious metals and encrusted with gemstones. Geometric shapes are also big this year, and whatever the shape of the pendant, you can expect lots of bright, vivid colors.

Rings Stack Up – For many women rings are the core of their jewelry collection and over the years they may have accumulated quite a few. That can make picking out the best ring for the occasion a tough prospect. The good news is that for 2014 you may not have to choose just one or two. This year rings are stacking up with colors, styles, and materials being mixed and matched freely, capturing the fun, carefree vibe that’s very much in vogue this year.

Charm & Character – We always recommend that women wear jewelry with charm and character, and this year it looks like a lot of women are taking that advice literally. We’re seeing tons of necklaces, pendants, and bracelets that have words spelled out in charms, or engraved directly into them. Inspirational messages and positive buzz words are the typical picks for expressing this trend.

Flowing Fringes – There is something innately beautiful about the delicacy of flowing fringes in jewelry. Whether in soft, thin colored metals, or other delicate materials this trend is taking off big in 2014. Pendants and earrings in particular are being adorned with long, decorative fringes and these styles make the ideal complement to an elegant, flowing dress, or a playful way to soften the edges of a more casual outfit.

Bouncy Bangles – With all those flowing fringes in abundance and bouncy pendants and charms, it’s no surprise that the wrists are getting some lightweight, jumpin’ and jivin’ loving as well. Thin, stacked bangles with lots of bounce is the way to go on this trend. For extra flare mix multiple types such as alternating silver and gold bangles.

Pins & Personality – In a recent article we discussed how pins and brooches were seeing a big resurgence, and 2014 continues that trend with pins becoming a popular choice to expresses the wearer’s personality. Once again we’re seeing playful designs such as animals, but flowers, birds, and other nature themes are also hot. Often these pins are doing double duty, holding parts of a dress or wrap in place.
Nature Rules – As we mentioned above in the pins spotlight, designs that feature animals and nature are very hot in 2014. From pendants and pins, charms, bangles, and necklaces, anything that captures the elegance and majesty of nature this year is a popular choice.

Constant Color – If you’ve noticed any theme throughout this list it’s probably that 2014 is seeing a big shift toward lighthearted fun and playfulness. In keeping with that theme there is also an emphasis on bright, bold, primary colors. Often in the case of stacked rings and bangles these colors are being mixed and matched for ultimate effect.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection for top 2014 jewelry trends. We realize that the year is barely off the ground yet and these trends could easily shift in a new direction by summer or even spring. However, part of the fun is going to be seeing where we got it right and where we got it wrong. As always we encourage you to buy jewelry not just to be part of a trend, but to express your individual style and taste. At Mathews Jewelers we want you to be happy with your selection for years to comes.

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